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Create an innovation culture


How can an innovation culture help you grow your business?

Imagine a systematic process, which lets your people find breakthrough insights about your customers' unmet needs, and turns those insights into valuable new products and services.

That's what an innovation culture will bring to your business. Whether it's "sustaining innovation", which keeps you competitive in your market, or "disruptive innovation", which tears down the status-quo and places you in a market of one, innovation is all about growth.

The essential elements of an innovation culture are not only valuable for creating growth, but are also straight-forward to grasp and establish in your organisation.

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How we can work together


Innovation projects

Say you spotted an opportunity for a new service, or you sense your customers can't get something they need. What do you do next? How do you bring your people with you? How do you evaluate your idea?

When you decide it's time to do something new and potentially risky, you need an experienced partner who can work with you to frame the opportunity, gain a deep understanding of your customers' unmet needs, figure out the competitive advantage and then test ideas.

You need to go fast, in order to save cost and reduce your risk – and to hit the market first with your idea.

So you can turn hunches and bright ideas into profits and growth for your firm, I will help you to run innovation projects in-house with your team, making you a fast return on investment.

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You probably have a fantastic team working with you, because you hired them. But are your people comfortable with using their creativity, collectively, to solve problems and develop new ideas for growth?

Teams adapt to their accustomed working environments, so doing new things and taking risks with new insights is hard, even for great people.

When you realise that a lack of co-ordinated creative thinking is holding your people back from doing new and great things, you need a trusted advisor and coach to help you take their capability to the next level.

They need methods, tools and skills to use innovation as a lever for growth. I will help you cultivate your firm's capacity for innovation, so your team can take on creative challenges with confidence.

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Christopher provided us with crucial insight during the launch of our brand, The Watermark Collection. His guidance caused us to radically rethink this process, allowing us to de-risk the rollout whilst simultaneously incorporating numerous feedback tools that meant we were far better informed of our market at an early stage when it is so easy for brands and products to fail.
His advice is invaluable and I would sincerely urge other entrepreneurs to go to his talks and engage his services – he will flip your world!

Ben Peake, Director, The Watermark Collection

There were several standout pieces of advice we learned from Christopher, including the idea of pushing something - a marketing opportunity, business relationship, the entire business etc - to breaking point as quickly as possible.
This has been very valuable and has allowed us to push ahead with strategies more quickly and boldly on the basis that if they're going to fail, it's better we know as soon as possible.

Warren Pole, Founder, 33 Shake

Christopher has a way of being able to make you see your business in a completely new light and question things you hadn't thought of.
He helped us revolutionise our pricing strategy by charging for the value we create, not the time we take. As a result, we're spending far less time creating proposals. We've even been able to put our prices up because the cost breakdown is much simpler and easier for our clients to understand.
Our business is more efficient and more profitable as a result of Christopher's advice.

Neil Martin, Director, The First Word