Christopher coaches founders to identify, manage and deliver the right projects to scale-up their business.
Christopher Pett

Here are some of my clients' stories

Meredith O'Shaughnessy, Founder
Meredith Collective is an award-winning pop-up brand experience event company headquartered in central London, UK. They host the most amazing Christmas party of the year, according to the Evening Standard newspaper.

Meredith is on a mission to change the way brands like Whirlpool and Manolo Blahnik use local events to communicate global messages to their customers. That's why her team needs to innovate fast, in order to scale and internationalise their unique services.
Daniel Grimshaw, Managing Director
Architects increasingly need to offer more value to their clients, in terms of the creativity of design and the confidence that new builds and refurbishments will be delivered on-time and on-budget.

Dan is leading a team of expert construction project managers and site managers at Beam, to make sure architects can keep their promises of creativity and reliability. Through industry-leading data management and agile project frameworks familiar to technology enterprises, Beam is changing the game for value-focused architects.
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Founder
The Good Night Lamp is a family of internet-connected lamps that lets you share your presence and availability with your loved ones easily and in an ambiant way.

It's one of the first ever domestic Internet of Things products, designed and developed by Alex Deschamps-Sonsino, a world-renowned IOT technologist.

The Good Night Lamp is ready to expand its market and evolve the technology platform to take advantage of new telecommunications networks and device interfaces.

How you'll benefit

Strategy coaching

Set your direction

Simplify your work by identifying and prioritising your top challenges, with one-to-one coaching sessions every month.
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Staff Training

Align your team

Increase project management skills and knowledge, so your team can follow you where you lead your business.
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Project Implementation

Make your ideas real

Reduce the risk and duration from idea to launching new services for your customers, through lean project management.
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Here's what my customers say

"Christopher's advice has allowed us to push ahead with strategies more quickly and boldly on the basis that if they're going to fail, it's better we know as soon as possible."
Warren Pole
"His advice is invaluable and I would sincerely urge other entrepreneurs to go to his talks and engage his services – he will flip your world!"
Ben Peake
"He helped us revolutionise our pricing strategy by charging for the value we create. Our business is more efficient and more profitable as a result."
Neil Martin
"Chris is one of those people who adds much more than he takes. He is particularly strong at challenging received wisdom and identifying innovative approaches."
Tim Cheyne

About me

I'm a business development and innovation consultant. I believe every business can innovate to scale-up, as long as its people have the tools and know-how they need.