Get the research you need to validate whether the market wants what you are building.

We help product managers to understand their customers' needs so they can deliver and benefit from improved user experiences.

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62% of enterprise software product managers say their #1 challenge is setting roadmap priorities without proper market feedback.

Product vision gets clouded by too many 'must have' ideas getting added to the roadmap by stakeholders, without evidence.

Product managers don't have the time to do market validation, yet this results in time wasted, building unwanted or miss-the-mark features.

There's a better way, which you can take advantage of right now.

Inmost is a strategy and research firm, which bridges the gap between your customers' expectations and your roadmap priorities.

Know which features are most valuable to your customers

Deep customer insights.
Developed by Inmost, made actionable for your team.


Inmost listens to your customers for you. We collect their experiences and expectations, and turn them into actionable insights for your team.


We work with you to reframe your customers' biggest needs into long-term business strategy and near-term feature improvements.


As you release new features, we collaborate with you to align your performance metrics with fresh insights into evolving customer needs.

Train your team

Develop the skills, methods and tools you need to solve the insight problem for the long term through tailored workshops and coaching.

Our staff have honed their teaching skills with leading enterprise trainers, graduate innovation programmes and startup accelerators.

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“Inmost helped us to position our agency in the market at a critical moment in our growth.”

Jairo Diaz – MD, CodeScrum

“Working with Inmost, customer insight has become part of our top-to-bottom strategy.”

Shahrum Gilani – Founder, HandsetExpert

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About us

Inmost is a firm of customer development, customer research and customer experience design experts.

Even when managers know they really needed to understand their customers better, they struggle to find time and resources for that priority, because they lack the processes and experience.

We are focused on solving that problem for you.